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Strategic private capital

About us

CirCap Funds SCA, SICAV-FIAR is a Luxembourg-based investment platform, founded by a group of seasoned investment professionals deeply rooted in the European private equity sector.​

The Fund is led by successful private investors who in their career supported a number of companies to become champions in their field. At the heart of CirCap Funds’ investment strategy is the transition to a circular economy and new ground-breaking business models, where each portfolio investment can make a difference for the economy, the environment and society.​

With extensive operating management experience and a proven track record, CirCap Funds excel in managing business transformations and leadership transitions, empowering companies to grow and develop into well-established sustainable businesses.

How we Create Value

Partnership mode
CirCap offers transparency and alignment of interests with the founders and company’s top management.
Rare selection of core geography
Focus and resources in the powerhouse of Europe (DACH and Poland).
Battle proven team
Unparalleled origination resources, value creation experience and consistent track record.
Focus on sustainability
Flexible investment horizon offers possibility to invest in long-term winners.
Strategic private capital
Lean structure and decision making process, ca. €500M of capital under management.

How We Work

We believe that each deal requires a strategy on its own. We therefore assess each opportunity individually based on its market context and individual characteristics.

We distinguish between valuation and opportunity, as all depends ultimately on the probability of expected return. We therefore focus on understanding the business concept first.

We consider ourselves entrepreneurs and like to work with business owners. Based on our long experience and track record we like to position ourselves as their partners and advisors to make win-win deals. We participate in both majority and minority transactions, but always with active and hands-on role of our team.

We think the devil is always in the details. We therefore strongly believe in the need of going the extra mile to understand a business and its challenges - talking to clients, employees, stakeholders to understand the business opportunity at hand.

No deal fits perfectly a given strategy. We believe in the need to seize opportunities as they arise and adapt to the given context. While staying disciplined in applying principles, we are prepared to think outside the box.

„We consider ourselves entrepreneurs and like to work hand in hand with our portfolio companies, aiming to be a strategic partner and not just a capital provider.”

Ralf Huep

Founder & Managing Partner

CirCap Area of Focus

Circular Economy & Climate Tech
  • Focus on advanced recycling.
  • First movers with proprietary technology.
  • Commitment to sustainable business models.
Healthcare & Life Science
  • Aging population and growing lifestyle diseases.
  • Rising importance of evidence-based medicine.
  • Innovative biotechnology and health products.
Industry disruptors
  • Challengers for traditional business models.
  • Tech driven businesses.
  • Focus on minimizing carbon footprint.



We don’t wait for deals, we create them

German-Polish Team of top local senior managers - former heads of top Investment Funds and Financial Institutions in both countries, with a unique understanding and access into the region.

As a local Team of well known individuals in the region, CirCap management Team is closer to local entrepreneurs and can build on their trust to make transactions happen.

With over 100 years of combined top management experience the CirCap Team brings a very broad network of Managers, Partners, Advisors and Industry Experts.

With extensive operating management experience CirCap excels in managing business transformations and leadership transitions.

Key People


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